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Details and Benefits

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Project Details

Proposed Size

150 Megawatts (MW)


Randolph County, Illinois; the power will be transmitted by the Prest 138kV Line (Ameren)

Land Area

Project footprint of approximately 1200 acres of land to locate solar panel arrays, an operations and maintenance building, inverters, and access roads

Local Estimated Revenue

An estimated $19 million in local tax revenue over the project's lifetime

Power Generation

Clean energy for the average electricity consumption of approximately 28,000 Illinois homes

Project Lifespan

At the end of the project's useful life, it will be decommissioned in accordance with its prescribed dismantling plan

Solar Panels
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Project Details: Schedule

Tilden Project Timeline


Land Acquisition and Preliminary Environmental Work


Local Agreements, Engineering and Permitting


Final Approvals


Begin Construction



Project Benefits

Economic Benefits

The Tilden Solar Project represents a major investment that will generate jobs, tax revenue and other economic activity which includes:

  • Over 300 temporary full-time construction jobs

  • 2 full-time operations jobs, plus 2 part-time jobs 

  • Over $25 million to Randolph County’s GDP during construction, and $556,000 annually during each year of operation 

  • $19 million of local tax revenue, which includes an estimated $363,000 annually to local schools, over the life of the project

  • Millions of dollars in landowner payments over the life of the project, money that is recirculated locally

    Source: Study conducted by David Loomis, Professor of Economics at Illinois State University, and prepared by Strategic Economic Research, LLC.

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