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Solar Panels

Tilden Solar

Harnessing Today's Sun For Tomorrow's Future

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A Vision For Clean Energy

Sol Systems and Tenaska are experienced leaders in the field of clean, renewable energy. Together, we are developing a 150-megawatt solar farm in Randolph County, Illinois. The Tilden Solar Project will use the latest solar technology to produce clean, renewable energy.

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Benefits to Randolph County

The success of the Tilden Solar Project relies on developing a project that can successfully balance economic, technical, regulatory, and community goals. We look forward to working together to achieve this balance and building a solar project Randolph County will be proud to host.

An estimated $180 million investment that will bring landowner lease payments, tax revenue, construction and operations jobs and other economic activity

Quiet neighbor that has minimal impact on the surrounding area

Emissions-free power generation that meets climate goals while resting the land for future use

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Questions about the Tilden project? Check out our FAQ section.

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